„Seit langem ist mir nichts besseres unter die Finger gekommen: … es ist klar strukturiert, nicht zu wenig, aber vor allem auch nicht zu viel Text, hervorragende Skizzen, hervorragende Bildbeispiele in unnachahmbarer Qualität …“

Anja Pirwitz, Neuchâtel, Schweiz.


„Ein Muss für jeden muskuloskelettal tätigen MR-Radiologen. Das Nebeneinander von Text, Skizze und Bild ist als Konzept schwer zu toppen.“

Rezension in „Der Radiologe“ 10/2014


„Ich habe jahrelang nach so einem praktischen Buch gesucht.“

Ruth Steinwender, Amstetten, Österreich


„Das neue Standardwerk im deutschsprachigen Raum für MSK-MRT.“ „Was ich an Ihrem Buch neben der wirklich tollen Bilder aber einzigartig finde, ist der Pragmatismus, mit dem Sie sich der jeweiligen Fragestellung nähern …“

Arnd Gerhards, Koblenz, Deutschland


This is an amazing work and I commend the authors for their excellent contribution. In my opinion, MRI-Essentials.com – An Illustrated Atlas of Orthopedic MRI should be soon part of everyday practice: combining both didactic and synthetic purposes, this book is actual, relevant to the expectations of today’s MSK radiology. Insightful illustrations with corresponding iconography lead the reader to a quick but flawless understanding of any pathology. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

Sahlya Djebbar, MD / MSK Radiologist, University Hospital of Lille, France


This compilation of MRI anatomy and pathology, along with cases and illustrations, is outstanding. MRI-ESSENTIALS.COM delivers a comprehensive atlas of findings in orthopedic and sports MR imaging, providing trainees and practicing radiologists alike with an excellent reference.

Ogonna (Kenny) Nwawka, MD / Assistant Attending MSK Radiologist, Hospital of Special Surgery, New York, NY


As a senior radiology resident that is planning on entering into an MSK fellowship next year, this book not only helps me to hone my skills during my final year of residency, but also will be a vital resource during my fellowship. This book provides a quick and to the point explanation of all the need to know diagnoses. The major difference between this book and others is the numerous amounts of excellent quality MRI images provided for each diagnosis. This book would be a great reference for anyone interested in MSK imaging as it provides the basic need to know information about MSK MRI and more detailed information for the experienced imager.

Stephanie L. Coleman, MD MPH / Radiology Resident, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA

MRI-essentials.com is filled with high-quality MRI images depicting both systemic and joint-specific pathology. The book is extremely well-organized and reader-friendly, and it can be read from cover-to-cover or used as a reference tool for a particular diagnosis in question. The book discusses anatomy and MRI image acquisition, therefore providing a foundation to its readers. I will be using this book during the remaining year of residency, during my pediatric radiology fellowship, and after. This book should be a reading room staple.

Heather Gale, MD / Radiology Resident, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA

I work in an academic department and I love this book. The book has beautiful images, there are simple schematic diagrams and the commentary is up-to-date with recent literature. Classification systems are summarized in a succinct manner and easily found. It is a great resident teaching tool.

Marcia Blacksin, MD / Professor of Radiology, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Although similar to other texts, the great images with corresponding diagrams make it stand out. It is reasonably priced and is a good addition to a personal reference library for a general radiologist and for a resident studying for the boards. Full text: http://pubs.rsna.org/toc/radiology/276/3

Elizabeth Roy, MD, FRCPC, Book review, Radiology 2015, Volume 276: Number 3-September